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Diving in the Indian Ocean
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Up and coming Underwater Photographer of the year 2017


'Oceanic in the Sky'

Horacio Martinez

"This was my first Red Sea experience, and my first liveboard-based photo workshop, so everything was interesting... but arduous. We were on the last dive of the day and I ventured a tad deeper to get closer portraits of the Oceanic White Tips, when I noticed this Shark patrolling in the distance. 

I took a few shots to expose for the sun beams and the surface, and was pleased with the dream like effect
Oceanic a great subject for close-ups as they are anything but shy yet every now and then it is great to try and capture their apparent loneliness they're wondering and their independence in the Big Blue."
The Brothers, Egypt
Nikon D810, Nautican housing,
Nikon 14-24 @24mm, iso 400, f/14, 1/200, S&S YSD1.
Peter Rowlands

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